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Research area 3: Unequal access to finance at the individual level

  • Unequal access to credit can reinforce existing inequalities
  • Different credit restrictions:
    • Availability of student loans, scholarships and other forms of financial support
    • Limited access especially for women, asset-poor households, small businesses (social norms, implicit bias, negotiation strategies)
  • Polycrises change collective mood (fear, anxiety, uncertainty)
  • Lending can be influenced by negative sentiment and fears

Possible research questions

  • What impact do socio-demographic factors have on access to credit?
  • To what extent does the decision-making architecture in the financial sector promote or reduce inequality?
  • How can the decision-making architecture in the financial sector bealtered to reduce social inequality?
  • What are the interactions between the financial system, the financing of higher education and socio-economic inequality in access to higher education?

Description of research area three here

Potential supervisors:

Prof. Gülay Caglar (FU Berlin)

Prof. Natalia Danzer (FU Berlin)

Prof. Britta Gehrke (FU Berlin)

Prof. Camille Logeay (HTW Berlin)

Prof. Jan Marcus (FU Berlin)

Prof. Peter N. C. Mohr (FU Berlin)

Jun.-Prof. Manuel Santos Silva (FU Berlin)

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