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Research area 4: Unequal finance and its consequences for social security, real estate markets and economic development

Interaction between the financial system and the private sector

  • Financial market frictions in companies reinforce the economic cycle and influence wages, the labor market and income distribution
  • Social security systems: important equalizing factor for income inequality
  • Real estate markets: prominent role for inequality
    • special role of financial markets and central banks for access to finance

Possible research questions

  • Has simplified access to real estate loans reduced wealth inequality in OECD countries?
  • What role do institutional frameworks play in this?
  • Does real estate ownership reduce the impact of crises, despite the reduction in mobility?

Description of research area four here

Potential supervisors:

Prof. Sebastian Dullien (HTW Berlin)

Prof. Ferdinand Fichtner (HTW Berlin)

Prof. Britta Gehrke (FU Berlin)

Prof. Heike Joebges (HTW Berlin)

Prof. Fabian Lindner (HTW Berlin)

Prof. Jan Marcus (FU Berlin)

Prof. Camille Logeay (HTW Berlin)

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