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Research area 1: Financial sector and inequality from a global perspective

Financial sector and inequality from a global perspective

Spillover effects of monetary policy on the Global South:

  • Effects of monetary policy changes in the Global North on economies in the Global South
  • depending on factors such as currency hierarchy, economic structure and financial market development of the respective country

Research focus:

  • Global inequality: different resilience of individual countries to global monetary shocks
  • Effects of recent developments on North-South impact channels such as increasing financing in domestic currency, rise of reserve currencies alongside the US dollar, new regional financial safety nets, financing via cryptoassets ...

Possible research questions

  • To what extent does the economic policy influence of central banks depend on their global position?
  • How can countries in the Global South increase their resilience to monetary shocks?

Description of research area 1 here

Potential supervisors:

Prof. Barbara Fritz (FU Berlin),

Prof. Theocharis Grigoriadis (FU Berlin)

Prof. Heike Joebges (HTW Berlin)

Prof. Fabian Lindner (HTW Berlin)

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